What # Represents YOU?


Featured in the photo: Utej Chadha with a Deloitte colleague

If you had to pick a hashtag that best represents you and how you are feeling right now, what would it be? You have just one word to characterize who you are in this current moment.

#professional, #motivated, #flexible … were just some of the responses shared by more than 40 internationally trained professionals (ITPs) attending Deloitte Canada’s 5th annual community Impact Day.

An “Impact Day” is an international initiative of Deloitte – one full day of sharing and caring. It is one of the many ways in which the company gives back to its communities. This could mean Deloitte professionals cleaning up a local park or planting a community garden. For CRIEC and its ITPs it means that every year on Impact Day, at least two dozen Deloitte professionals give back by connecting with ITPs in a day-long hands-on workshop of learning and inspiration.

Since 2011, CRIEC has worked with Deloitte and Immigrant Services Calgary (one of CRIEC’s key community partners) in bringing ITPs and Deloitte professionals together during Deloitte’s Impact Day celebrations to exchange strategies for success. Think of this as one-day mentoring partnerships or talking circle sessions. This year, ITPs learned all about what core competencies corporate Calgary is really looking for – employees who are flexible and adaptable.

Many of these ITPs have only been in Canada for a few months, and they are looking for advice and guidance as they integrate into the Canadian job market. They have from India, Jamaica, Croatia, Venezuela, Algeria, Peru and Nigeria – just to name just a few places across the globe.

Deloitte’s Utej Chadha stands at the front of the room to introduce himself. “#excited,” he says. This is the first time he is hosting Deloitte’s Impact Day, but he’s attended the event since joining the company three years ago.

Chadha is a Manager of Enterprise Risk Services at Deloitte. He moved to Canada three and half years ago from India, and he knows first-hand the benefits of Deloitte’s Impact Day. “A day like this has a broad impact, and is really a win-win for everyone. If new ITPs can find employment in their trained careers then they help strengthen our economy. The event also introduces Deloitte to a new talent pool,” he says.

When Chadha first came to Canada he was eager to connect with people. “I met anyone who would agree to meet with me.” And, it paid off. His persistence and positive attitude led him to Deloitte – a company he now feels at home with.

From the current group of Deloitte professionals there were two individuals who found a job with Deloitte through this event in years past.

“You just have to view every meeting as an opportunity, and eventually the job will come. You just have to keep going and be positive,” says Chadha.

To date, Deloitte’s Impact Days have supported more than 2,000 projects from 1,200 different non-profit organizations. And more than 250 ITPs from CRIEC and ISC have benefited from these Calgary sessions since 2011! Many thanks to the Deloitte crew here in our great city.

This particular Impact Day was huge success and a “#valueadd” for everyone involved.