Top 6 Reasons To Be A Mentor


Mentoring is not new – our ancestors have guided, informed, educated, inspired, directed, motivated, enabled and empowered each other for time immemorial. Mentoring works well as a strategy for successful outcomes in many areas:

  • Securing and retaining employment
  • Determining particular career paths
  • Living a healthy, happy and productive life
  • Understanding and overcoming obstacles and barriers

Mentors tell us there are some specific reasons why they mentor. Over the past few years here are the Top 6 reasons we have heard:

1. An opportunity to “pay it forward” – we have all been mentees or protégés at one point in our lives. We have had teachers, family members, community elders and friends who have helped us along our own paths. Here is a chance to honour them by giving back.

2. Make it a part of your own Professional Development – being a mentor sharpens your listening skills, makes you more empathetic and enhances your ability to provide constructive criticism. All of these help you in your own career.

3. Enhance your Network – there is a large community of brother and sister mentors with whom you can connect. Look for organizations that host opportunities for mentors to network at sessions like MentorShares, alumni celebrations, Thursday-night cafes and industry-specific gatherings.

4. Learn something new – mentors and mentees share stories of their life journeys. How can you not learn something new when swapping tales of careers in locales across the globe!

5. Get re-charged – mentors tell us they feel invigorated after a mentoring session, returning to the office after a coffee with their mentee full of new energy.

6. Be inspiring and inspired – mentoring is the classic win-win situation. It sounds cliché, but those who mentor report both of these feelings. And after all, isn’t that what life is all about.

Be a mentor – find the mentoring program or strategy that best fits your industry, personality, interests, career needs, busy schedule and passion point. There are many in your area.