The Power of Having the Right Attitude

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I recently met up with one of my favourite people and she spoke about her passion for Mentoring. We spoke of why she mentors and she emphasized Attitude – specifically the attitude of her Mentees. What they brought to the mentoring conversation. Their strength of character. Their drive to develop the tools of success. Their looking to “seize the day”. She was their navigator but it was her Mentees’ energy that drove the bus.

In thinking about it as she told some great stories of mentoring partnerships past, I realized that I too focused on Attitude – and in this regard, I am probably not unlike most other Mentors.

And there is one key feature of Attitude that I always look for in a Mentee: the inner drive to want to get better. That inner drive enables tomorrow to be better than today. And it provides the fortitude to make it happen.

Better get working as that mountain is not going to move itself.

New problems are coming at you all the time and you need to figure out how to solve them.

The right attitude helps you move your own mountain and solve your own problems.

Bring the right attitude to all your mentoring partnerships – if you are a Mentor then be open to what your Mentee needs. If you are a Mentee, demonstrate your inner drive to want to improve.

Darren, Sami, Dianne and Jamie – thank you for your on-going mentoring. Always bringing the right attitude to every conversation!

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