RBC Newcomer Professionals Event Series


RBC Supports Newcomer Professionals in Edmonton and Calgary

through Collaborations with ERIEC and CRIEC

(Calgary) October 19, 2020 – Royal Bank of Canada (“RBC”) proudly announces a new one-year partnership with each of the Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (“ERIEC”) and the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (“CRIEC”) to support newcomer professionals as they seek to secure career path employment commensurate with their education, training, experience and future aspirations. These partnerships continue RBC’s longstanding dedication to working with key local organizations to make positive impacts in the community.

This “RBC Newcomer Professionals Event Series” will see ERIEC and CRIEC provide mentoring opportunities for their clients and RBC employees as well as related workshop opportunities and career information sessions. RBC becomes the exclusive sponsor of these Event in the categories of retail or business banking, investment banking, brokerage services, mortgage lending services, wealth management, insurance or such other financial services.

“This is an exciting partnership and we look forward to connecting RBC employees with some outstanding newcomer talent”, said Jeff Boyd, RBC Regional President, Alberta & Territories.  “Newcomer professionals have so much to offer in terms of their prior experience abroad and their desire to bring their considerable skills into the local economy. We all win when new ideas, competencies and perspectives are shared in the workplace.”

“RBC provides us with the opportunity to develop and deliver some unique sessions”, emphasized ERIEC’s Executive Director Doug Piquette. “Our clients are ready, willing and able to successfully integrate in Edmonton’s labour market and RBC’s support will help them immensely with access to workshops and mentoring opportunities with RBC professionals. Understanding how to navigate the workplace is often the most important step in this integration process for the many accountants, IT experts and HR veterans who come to Edmonton from all across the globe”.

An important aspect of the collaboration is the recognition of the importance of appreciating and nurturing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. “That was certainly a key element for us”, explained Bruce Randall, CRIEC’s Executive Director. “We have worked with RBC in the past and truly value their commitment to ensuring their workplaces reflect their local communities. At CRIEC we understand that diversity leads to innovative solutions which in turn enables bottom-line improvements for employers. This partnership helps all of us here in Calgary”.

One of the key Events for all parties in this collaboration is the Global Talent Conference, tentatively scheduled for February 25, 2021. ERIEC has long delivered this informative and inspirational conference and this year the plans are for a virtual conference hosted by all three partners for newcomer professionals, employers and community partners, featuring great speakers, panel discussions and networking. Full details of the Global Talent Conference will be announced later this autumn.

RBC, ERIEC and CRIEC teaming up for success – helping newcomer professionals, local corporate-sector professionals and our Alberta communities thrive.

For further details, please contact:

Royal Bank of Canada: Jerilynn Daniels, Regional Director, Community Marketing and Citizenship jerilynn.daniels@rbc.com

Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council: Doug Piquette, Executive Director dpiquette@eriec.ca

Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council: Bruce Randall, Executive Director  bruce@criec.ca

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