About the Initiative


The Prairie Centre for Excellence in Mentoring (PCFEM) Project has launched its first resource, the Employer Engagement Toolkit. For this project, CRIEC partnered with Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, an organization providing services to immigrants and refugees in Southern Alberta with a multi-disciplinary team speaking over 60 languages.

The Prairie Centre for Excellence concept was established in 1996 under a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Over the lifespan of the PCFEM project, a variety of stakeholders were brought together to contribute to the final project deliverables. We thank all our stakeholders for their contribution to this innovative project.

PNT Mentoring Initiative

The PNT includes Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba – as well as the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Not only is this a big project geographically, but it’s also ambitious in its scope. We know mentoring works. And there are as many shapes and forms of it as there are individuals and organizations involved in it.

Our Project Goals

Here’s what we aim to achieve with this project:

Know more about the mentoring work that is being done throughout the PNT

Strengthen our PNT mentoring network towards future tangible collaboration

Invite mentors and mentees from your program to upcoming focus group workshops.

Create a mentoring toolkit that includes perspectives from a wide variety of programs.

The Mentoring Circle

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely been part of “the mentoring circle” – either as a newcomer mentee, or a mentor; as a researcher or as a partner agency participating on the front lines of mentoring programs. We incorporated a research-based, collaborative design, piloting and evaluation approach to create an employer engagement toolkit to improve employer engagement strategies in mentoring programs across the PNT.

Our Research Questions

Employer Engagement in Mentoring Programs

  • Definition of ‘engagement’
  • Barriers employers face in participating in mentoring programs

Mentoring Benefits to Stakeholders

  • Benefits to mentees, mentors, and SPOs

Enhanced Employer Engagement & Client Outcomes

  • Relationship between enhanced employer engagement and positive outcomes for clients

Employer Engagement Strategies

  • Strategies that enhance employer engagement involving mentees, mentors, and/or SPOs
  • Ensuring the strategies are in place where required

Matching Mentoring Environments

  • Mentoring environments: virtual/in-person/hybrid; urban/rural; larger employers/SMEs; formal/informal; employment-specific/more holistic; professionals/trades/lower skilled

Impacts of COVID-19

  • Examining the impacts of COVID-19 on mentoring
  • Preparations for post-COVID-19 mentoring


Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council

Project Leads

Nketti Johnston-Taylor, Executive Director

Project Teams

  • Rosanna Manaloto-Arshi, Manager of Employer Engagement
  • Allison Flach, Mentoring Program Supervisor
  • Mosospe Idowu, Mentoring Program Supervisor
  • Susan Reckseidler, Director of Operations
  • Cheryl Whitelaw, Project Manager, PCFEM
  • Brianne Fiebelkorn, Mentorship & Employer Communications Specialist
  • Ben Henbest, Bamford & Henbest Research and Consulting Partners
  • Reke Ogbokor, Web Developer

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

Project Leads

Gordana Radan, CEO

Project Teams

Hasmik Asmaryan, Director of Business, Employment and Training Services
Jocelyn Davis, Research and Development Specialist
Andrea Ciurte, Corporate Outreach Liaison

Banrangay Canada

Kris Ontong, Co-founder

Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council

Doug Piquette, Executive Director
Sarah Tangan, Career Mentorship Program Director (former)

Grand Prairie LifeLong Learning Council

Crystal Fowler, Volunteer Tutor and Mentorship Coordinator

Halifax Partnership, National Connector Program

Alida Campbell, Manager, National Connector Program


Dapo Bankole, Management Consultant

Success Skills Centre

Saima Arshad, Labour Market Specialist

Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council

Sugi Vasavithasan, Senior Manager, Research and Evaluation

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