A strong logo reflects an organization’s values and embodies its goals. A tall order for a simple drawing, perhaps – but look at how powerful the Nike “Swoosh” is; or the Mercedes “Star”. Their symbols have become synonymous with the organization itself.

The Prairie Centre For Excellence In Mentoring (PCFEM) is a brand-new venture. Thanks to funding from the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a life-long vision has finally come true: Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council’s (CRIEC) Founder and first Executive Director, Bruce Randall, together with Calgary Catholic Immigration Society’s (CCIS) CEO, Fariborz Birjandian have been dreaming of a collaborative mentoring network for many years. Beyond their home bases of Calgary, to partners and collaborators throughout the prairies and northern territories (PNT), this venture reaches out to everyone who is passionate about the benefits of mentoring for internationally-trained professionals, whether first-time mentees, seasoned mentors, businesses, community-serving agencies, or academia. Everyone is welcome.

As a region, we enjoy not only a great diversity in geography and industries, but a diversity of ethnicities and population as well. Peace, health, a sense of belonging, and incredible opportunity is what continues to draw generations of newcomers to Canada. With mentoring, we forge strong relationships that enrich both mentee and mentor, and give people the confidence to continue with their lives in Canada, however they choose to envision them.

The uniqueness of the PNT is what has inspired this design. It ranges from some the of the most beautiful mountains in the world, travels out to rich grasslands and intricate waterways, and onward and upward to the arctic reaches of the northern islands. It is from nature that we have drawn our inspiration for this logo: each provincial and territory flower is clustered, in order, from east to west and north to south around a navigational compass – a very apt metaphor for coaching itself. In this way, we give thanks that we live, work and play in this beautiful country, and acknowledge our responsibilities as treaty people, wherever we are.

Our logo embraces people of all cultures while still harkening back to the land that supports us all. Colour carries meanings and communicates ideas. The understated pastel palette combines effortlessly with “business blue” conveying our hopes and dreams for creating a more inclusive Canada where everyone is provided with the opportunities they need to succeed.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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