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Path2Practice for IENs supports you, an internationally educated Registered Nurse (RN), as you kick-start your nursing career in Alberta. Our program will prepare you for a career as a nurse, ensuring you are fully employment-ready. It features employment readiness training, mentorship, English Language Learning (ELL), micro-credentialing, nursing role simulations, valuable networking opportunities, and opportunities to engage with employers.

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Employment Readiness

Our comprehensive online course and workshops enhance your soft skills and prepare you for the Canadian job market. Gain the confidence and knowledge needed for a smooth transition and successful integration into the healthcare workforce.

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Mentorship & Networking

Connect with experienced industry professionals and gain insight into the local healthcare landscape. Receive personalized career advice, industry-specific insights, and invaluable networking opportunities to help you achieve your professional goals.


Gain recognition for your skills and abilities to obtain Canadian licensure and employment. Our micro-credentials are designed to bridge cross-cultural gaps in nursing practices by focusing on two key areas: incorporating Canadian cultural knowledge and enhancing clinical judgment.

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Employer Engagement

Join us for job fairs, speed mentoring, speed networking, and other events! Capitalize on these invaluable networking opportunities designed to help you achieve your professional goals.

We’ve got you covered! As a part of our commitment to your success, we cover the NCLEX exam fees for program participants. If you’re preparing for the exam and haven’t passed yet, you’ll have access to Bow Valley College’s online prep course. While this course doesn’t include an instructor, it’s packed with valuable resources to help you prepare for the exam.

Through CRIEC, this program also offers childcare subsidies based on income, and transportation subsidies.


Employment Readiness

Employment Readiness Course is an online program meticulously designed to help Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs). The course enhances participants’ soft skills and prepares them for the Canadian job market, with goals of a smooth work transition and successful integration.  


Industry professionals serve as mentors, offering career and industry-specific guidance to help participants understand and successfully navigate and integrate into the local healthcare landscape and achieve their professional goals. 

English Language Learning

Communication in Nursing Practice is a full-time course that supports internationally educated nurses (IENs) to meet the English language proficiency requirements of this program. It provides IENs with a foundation for English language learning (ELL), communication skills in nursing contexts, and IELTS exam preparation. Clients who do not meet the English language proficiency requirements for the Pivot-Ed Micro-credentials are required to take this course.


Bow Valley College’s micro-credentials will support the IENs throughout the credentialing process and help them integrate into the Canadian work environment. Pivot-Ed Micro-credentials ensure students gain and demonstrate the skills required to practice as a registered nurse in the Canadian healthcare system. Students in Pivot-Ed will receive NCLEX prep in the form of an online course.

Employer Engagements

Through job fairs, speed mentoring/networking, and other networking events, this program provides participants invaluable opportunities to connect with top employers, receive tailored career advice, and expand their professional networks. These events enhance career prospects, promote diversity in the healthcare sector, and help participants integrate into the Canadian workforce.

Program Eligibility Criteria

Path2Practice for IENs is designed and is accepting clients who are Internationally Educated Registered Nurses (RNs) and have obtained post-secondary Nursing education outside of Canada.

Residence Status

Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, Refugee/Protected Persons selected by IRCC, or work permit holders.

Educational Requirements

Must hold a nursing degree equivalent to the Canadian standard.

Currency of Practice

Practiced nursing within the last 5 years.

NCLEX Certification OR CRNA Assessment:

  • NCLEX Certification: Participants who already hold NCLEX certification, as recognized by CRNA.
  • CRNA Assessment: Participants who have been assessed by CRNA and have a letter with the results of their education assessment and additional education or language requirements.

English Language Proficiency:

There are two program pathways based on your English levels: 

English Language Learning (ELL/ICC) Eligibility: 

  • •IELTS Academic: Minimum score of 6 in all areas 
  • •CELBAN: Listening 8, Reading 7, Writing 6, Speaking 7 

Pivot-Ed Eligibility: 

  • IELTS Academic: Listening 7, Reading 6.5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7.0
  • CELBAN: Listening 9, Reading 8, Writing 7, Speaking 8 

The Foreign Credential Recognition Program is Funded by Employment and Social Development Canada

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CRIEC is a robust not-for-profit organization that seeks to effectively and efficiently connect newcomer professionals with strategies designed to lead to successful employment outcomes. We design, develop and implement numerous initiatives and strategies, such as mentoring programs, employment counselling sessions and competency (cultural and skill) workshops for both newcomer professionals and stakeholders, resulting in 80% of our clients finding gainful employment in their chosen fields within 3-6 months of completing our programs.