Nitin Kumar Srivastava Feature

Nitin Kumar Srivastava B.A., LL.B., LL.M, a Senior Counsel (litigation) at CRASH LAWYERS in Calgary, Canada, has made a significant impact on the lives of others beyond his work.  

For the past five years, he has served as a mentor for CRIEC, supporting internationally trained lawyers in building their self-esteem and recognizing their true potential. Nitin firmly believes that everyone possesses something valuable to offer, and his mission is to assist mentees in discovering their unique strengths. 

“My goal with my mentees is helping them rediscover who they are,” says Nitin. “Some of them are more qualified than me, it’s about helping them rediscover themselves and their potential.” 

When asked about his approach to mentorship, Nitin emphasizes that it extends beyond providing advice or sharing knowledge. Instead, he focuses on developing relationships and empowering others. 

“I’ve mentored 5 people, when we start, we’re complete strangers. The first step is understanding each other,” says Nitin.  “The second step is figuring out where they want to go, then we can talk about their challenges, and how they need to progress.” 

With a personal touch, he ensures that each mentee’s individual needs are addressed and tailors his guidance accordingly.  

Interestingly, Nitin himself was once a mentee in the CRIEC program. Inspired by the impact his mentors had on him, he felt compelled to pay it forward by becoming a mentor.  

“[My mentors] guided me,” says Nitin. “When I came here, I knew what I know, I knew there were unknowns, but there were unknown unknowns.”  

This journey from mentee to mentor exemplifies the significant role a mentor plays in a newcomer’s path to success.  

“Being a mentee made me decide to start mentoring.” 

Nitin acknowledges that his mentors provided valuable guidance during his transition to a new country, helping him navigate the known and unknown aspects of his journey. 

Recognizing the significance of mentorship in the lives of newcomers, Nitin encourages others to volunteer their time to help those in need. He advocates for making room in one’s busy schedule to support others, emphasizing that there is always someone somewhere who can benefit from a mentor’s guidance. 

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