Neha’s Story: Success through Networking

Neha Soni, an accountant, connected with CRIEC after immigrating to Calgary from India in 2013. Check out her story on the Voices of Calgary project, which traces Neha‘s career journey in Calgary.

What is it really like to “step outside your comfort zone?” To make that move toward re-commencing your profession in a new environment? From accreditation procedures to mentoring to networking – all along the way developing your personal and professional networks and gaining valuable Canadian experience.

From Neha’s introduction to CRIEC to a successful Impact Day with Deloitte, she learned how to really “network for success.”

Neha truly pushed herself to step out of her comfort zone.

And this has paid off big time for Neha! At that Deloitte session she made an important contact that would eventually lead to a full-time job in her field. Watch Neha tell her story in her own words.

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