Andrea Davis-Torraville Feature

“Community is extremely important to me; I need to know that what I do impacts and raises the community in some way,” says Andrea Davis-Torraville.  

Davis-Torraville currently works for Sobeys as their Early Careers Talent Development Specialist and sits on the board of The BlackNorth Initiative (Alberta Chapter).  One of her passions is working with marginalized youths, especially marginalized girls, and showing others that you can rise above your upbringing and any challenges you may face. 

“You’ve got to be super mindful of the community – I think it’s something that Calgarians do really well,” says Davis-Torraville. “There are so many [programs] that address diverse issues in the City and you know, there’s a lot of people who are working over and above their jobs.” 

When Davis-Torraville was around 20, someone who was like a mentor to her said “You have the gift of connecting people. You have the gift of bringing people together” and she has embraced and fully maximized that gift.

Throughout her life, Davis-Torraville has had “direct and indirect” mentors, that have helped shape her at different stages of her life.  

“You know, my high school assistant principal, he was somebody super passionate about my success. I had a Big Sister from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program when I was about 9, and I remember her.” 

Now, she is a certified CliftonStrengths coach, and according to, coaches “are trained to help you flourish by helping you focus on doing more of what you naturally do best.” 

“It’s the little things, whether I coach somebody from the resume to interviewing, to helping an organization develop programs. That’s something for the greater good, right?”  

Davis-Torraville stresses how important community is for her, and within Calgary. “I need to know that inevitably anything that I do positively impacts and raises up the community in some sort of way.” 

When asked about community initiatives and programs that excite her, Davis-Torraville says “To be honest, in Calgary, there are a lot of programs… The challenge is the right person getting to that program.” 

“We should have a way to help elevate the awareness of diverse programs, communicate them effectively that the greater population is aware of them.” 

Finding a way to get connected with the community, and projects that you are passionate about, on top of work, is a great way to elevate your community and network, says Davis-Torraville.  

“Sometimes it’s putting yourself out there and your hand up for stuff.” 

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