I’m already in Calgary

Welcome to CRIEC! If you are an newcomer professional living in Calgary and are starting to look for employment, CRIEC is here to help!

We have supported Newcomer Professionals for 10 years in career path planning strategies to get you ready to enter the Calgary workforce. View all of our strategies here.

We will assist you in areas that include:

  • Reviewing your communication skills, education, experience and job readiness
  • Analyzing and discussing your individual career path plan, goals and aspirations, and helping you identify strengths and gaps
  • Assessing appropriate initial strategies based on the above review and analysis

A key strategy is the Mentoring Program.

To be eligible and considered for the Mentor Match Program the following criteria must be met.

  • Be a Permanent Canadian Resident
  • Be ready for employment in your area of expertise, you should be settled in Calgary and have accessed immigrant settlement and career services providers
  • Have a minimum of one year experience in your area of expertise
  • Have limited Canadian work experience within your field and/or sector
  • Be unemployed or underemployed
  • Possess the English skills necessary to perform in the workplace (Canadian Language Benchmark Level 7 or higher – or equivalent)
  • Have time to commit to a mentoring relationship

For those of you that meet the requirements, you can email us at: mentorship@criec.ca