Individuals as Mentors

Participating as an individual

Enhance your professional development by engaging in strategies that play to your personal strengths and professional objectives. Our flagship strategy is Mentoring – – connecting you to great International Talent and other Champions.

Become a Mentor today!

Your “return on investment” by joining CRIEC is tangible and measurable:

  • Gain opportunities to guide and support internationally trained professionals in peer-to-peer relationships (either one-on-one or in small group format)
  • Grow your understanding and appreciation of the International Talent available in the Calgary region – both the barriers they may face and the contributions they can make
  • Enhance your own cultural competency as you get ready for an increasingly more diverse workplace
  • Enrich your professional development as a leader and, where applicable, earn professional or volunteer hours
  • Deepen your personal and professional networks
  • “Give back” to the community

As a Champion, you will receive support every step of the way from coffee conversations to chat about issues of concern, to MentorShare learning lunches where our mentors from across the city gather to discuss relevant topics and network.

CRIEC team members are here to ensure your success and growth as a mentor and leader through training, orientation sessions, workshops, focus groups and networking with other mentors. You will be invited to celebrations and learning sessions alike.

Whatever your motivation for connecting with International Talent, we have the strategy that best fits your schedule, needs and objectives.

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