Participating as an Employer Partner

The success of an organization is measured by its ability to meet the objectives of its stakeholders. Corporate Calgary wants to turn a profit. Community-service Calgary wants to meet the needs of its client base.

In both cases, CRIEC is here to help you succeed. Our customized strategies help your organization achieve its bottom-line goals. We do this by sharing our connections to International Talent and our success in designing, developing and implementing the right strategy in the right situation.

If you are Corporate Calgary, we will help your organization:

  • Gain more efficient access to professionals trained internationally who are ready, willing and able to help your company thrive
  • Understand and appreciate that diversity can lead to innovation and enhanced performance
  • Benefit from a formalized mentoring program with proven strategies that lead to successful employment outcomes for all stakeholders
  • Provide your staff with unique and meaningful professional development opportunities

We appreciate the challenges you face in attracting and retaining skilled employees, and particularly International Talent. Our strategies are designed to ensure a successful connection. Partner with us in retaining and securing talent to reduce your hiring risks.

As a Champion, you will be fully supported every step of the way. Whatever your motivation is for connecting with International Talent, we have the strategy that best fits your organization’s schedule, needs and objectives.

51.8% of employers who hired Internationally Educated Professionals reported improved innovation, and 43.3% reported improved productivity. – The Conference Board of Canada Report 2010

If you are Community-service Calgary (ethno-specific professional group, immigrant serving or mainstream provider, post-secondary school, community development organization, researcher or academic), our strategies focus on your individual or organizational needs. Work with us to enhance your organization’s capacity to:

  • Provide employment or learning plan advice to your clients
  • Connect with employers more efficiently and effectively
  • Provide your staff with professional development opportunities
  • Connect with like-minded organizations
  • Share best practices amongst peers

Write us today for more information about becoming a Champion at Rosanna@criec.ca


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