Collaborative Work

CRIEC works in partnership with many organizations across the city. These partnerships are critical in us achieving success and making a significant impact in the lives of new Canadians.

Our collaborative partners include:


Immigrant Access Fund

IAF’s mission is to relieve poverty by providing micro-loans to needy International Talent in order to assist them in obtaining Canadian licensing or training that will allow them to obtain employment in their field. Since the inception of CRIEC, the Immigrant Access Fund has provided primary support in all of our work – acting as a charitable sponsor, infrastructure guide and board stewardship. Coffee and conversation helped fuel the early foundation for CRIEC and much of that was provided by those connected to the Immigrant Access Fund. CRIEC and IAF continue to provide International Talent with a coordinated approach to career path success.


United Way of Calgary and Area

As a founding partner of CRIEC, United Way of Calgary and Area provided CRIEC with much needed seed funding and nonprofit expertise in community-building. The United Way strategy has been to ensure that worthy transformational ideas – ideas that can help change a part of the larger community for the better – are provided the opportunity to succeed. For several years, CRIEC had space on the 7th floor of the United Way offices in Calgary; space to develop, grow and gain momentum. This support extended far beyond infrastructure and stewardship and also included funding under the United Way’s Shell Immigrant Employment Project. This combination enabled CRIEC to stretch to the level it is at today. The United Way connection remains strong almost five years later as CRIEC continues to benefit from meeting room space, tremendous access to mentors and champions of our cause, and the kindred spirits on the 7th floor.


The Talent Pool

The Talent Pool is the Employers’ Resource and Information Hub in Alberta. Launched in 2003, its goal has been to close the gap between companies that are having difficulty finding employees and individuals who are either under-employed or not employed at all. The Talent Pool provides Alberta businesses with information, resources and vital links to pools of talent that are often overlooked: Aboriginal people, immigrants, mature workers, people with disabilities, women and youth. It does this by successfully developing collaborations with other community or business organizations within the framework of a Collective Impact Constellation, all with the goal of continually adding value to the community. CRIEC shares The Talent Pool’s core belief and mission that these pools of talent should equally participate in the Alberta workforce. Together, the two organizations work on a number of significant information, engagement and research projects with employer partners, community partners and International Talent.


BioTalent Canada

BioTalent Canada is the human resources partner of Canada’s bio-economy, ensuring the industry has access to job-ready people. When you read “bio-economy”, think of a sector that includes pharmaceuticals, bio-energy (green), bio-industrial and agri-biotech and envision career paths ranging from scientists, engineers and researchers to support positions in finance, accounting, tax and law. Through projects, research, and product development, BioTalent Canada and CRIEC look to connect employers with International Talent, help deliver human resource information and create skills development tools so the industry can focus on strengthening Canada’s biotech business and International Talent can benefit from outstanding opportunities.


Calgary Legal Community

CRIEC has taken the lead in coordinating many of the efforts of those stakeholders concerned with the successful integration in the Calgary labour market of internationally trained lawyers (ITLs). Career paths for ITLs include those traditionally associated with law (private practice, in-house counsel and legal clinic work) but also regulatory and compliance advice, contract administration and project management , and non-profit program and management positions. Over the past four years, CRIEC has spearheaded initiatives with the Law Society of Alberta, University of Calgary Law School (and most recently the University of Alberta Law School), Calgary Legal Guidance and Elizabeth Fry Society as well as with members of the legal profession (as mentors and champions). This past summer, CRIEC commenced a collaboration with the newest stakeholder in this sector, Global Lawyers of Canada, to raise even more awareness of and connections for the tremendous International Talent (legal) in the city.

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