We seek to effectively and efficiently connect newcomer professionals with our Champions (Mentors and Calgary employers) in strategies we feel confident will lead to successful employment outcomes.


1-on-1 Mentoring

This classic mentoring strategy remains our flagship tool. It is a peer-to-peer occupation-specific mentoring strategy that matches a newcomer (immigrant) professional with his or her Calgary counterpart.

Mentoring is a two-way conversation where the mentor and mentee exchange questions and ideas about cultural matters in the Canadian workplace, and explore job search and networking opportunities.

We provide expertise in making sure the mentor-mentee matches are suitable. We host orientation sessions and provide ongoing coaching, guidance and support.

Learn about becoming a Mentor here, and a Mentee here


Connector Meetings

A lot can be shared in just one meeting. A Connector Meeting is a one-time coffee meetup, where the mentor listens and shares guidance.
Itʼs also helpful that the mentor thinks of another connector for the mentee to meet with. It’s about connecting newcomers to our community so they can start to build their networks.



Employment-related workshops including;

  • Transferable skills
  • Marketing your skills
  • Resume
  • Licensure/Accreditation

If you are a newcomer and interested in attending or participating in our programs or workshops, connect with us.
Write us at: mentorship@criec.ca


SmartConnections – with Calgary Employers

SmartConnections aims to connect newcomer professionals with Calgary employers who can provide them with tips and ideas to get them employment ready.

We encourage local employer champions to take on the role of running a Smart Connections event with their employees.

Employers can host:

  • Speed Mentoring with their employees and newcomers to help newcomers improve on interview questions and resume building,
  • Info Sessions with industry partners where newcomers learn about your industry in a full-day day session.

Take a look at these short videos of our employer partners hosting SmartConnections. See the benefits they achieved.

Write us, here if you are an employer looking to get your team involved

Learn more about how we work with Calgary Employers here



A group mentoring experience for newcomer professionals who wish to connect and start building a network here in Calgary. MentoringCircles are a great way to learn from other newcomers, as well as from local professionals who know and understand the workforce in Calgary.

Learn more all about our MentoringCircle programs here


Questions about any of our strategies? We would love to hear from you.

Send us an email at: mentorship@criec.ca

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