The Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) is a small, robust not-for-profit organization that seeks to effectively and efficiently connect newcomer professionals with strategies designed to lead to successful employment outcomes. Our flagship strategy remains our mentoring programs.


Our Vision

A welcoming community that encourages, fosters and enables every person to reach his or her potential.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to connect newcomer professionals to strategies that will lead to successful employment outcomes.

Members of our CRIEC Community getting together: Charles, our Executive Director Bruce, Nitin and Suchita

At CRIEC, we believe:

  • A newcomer professional is an internationally trained professional seeking to make the Calgary region their home.
  • Our stakeholders are companies, organizations and/or individuals that:
    • hire and retain newcomer professionals
    • mentor newcomer professionals or provide newcomer professionals with further connections
    • provide newcomer professionals with volunteering or other learning opportunities
    • facilitate workshops, panel discussions or networking opportunities for newcomer professionals; or
    • support the journey of all newcomer professionals looking to call our local community home.
  • “Successful employment outcomes” are achieved when newcomer professionals secure and retain career paths that are commensurate with their education, training, experience and future aspirations and which meet the workforce objectives of employers.

What Does CRIEC Do?

We design, develop and implement various initiatives and strategies, such as Mentoring programs, Career Path planning sessions and competency (cultural and skill) workshops for both newcomer professionals and stakeholders.

How Does CRIEC Do This?

We start with our our Mission and Vision and combine solid corporate experience with a real “can-do” attitude. Our success over the past 10 years is due in large measure to our exceptional mentors, employers and community partners, the committed stewardship provided by our veteran Board of Directors, and the sage guidance of all our stakeholders.

We adhere to these Values:

  1. CRIEC builds pathways and positive relationships between newcomer professionals and stakeholders that encourage hiring and retention.
  2. CRIEC works with relevant stakeholders toward creating seamless and transparent processes that empower newcomer professionals to work in their field and, where applicable, achieve full acceptance by their professional and regulatory bodies.
  3. CRIEC works with relevant stakeholders to provide opportunities for newcomer professionals to identify their skills and competencies, to explore other fields to which such skills and competencies could be adapted, and to create seamless and transparent processes that empower newcomer professionals to full careers in the field of their choice.
  4. CRIEC aims to:
    1. Support, encourage and work with organizations and individuals that share our Vision and Mission.
    2. Initiate solutions to specific issues, where appropriate.
    3. Identify and raise awareness of built-in barriers faced by newcomer professionals and work toward removing these impediments to success.
    4. Ensure multi-stakeholder collaboration, wherever practicable.

CRIEC’s Privacy Policy


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