6 ways to get a prospective employer to remember YOU


You probably have less than 15 seconds to make an impression on a recruiter at a job fair.  Did you know that the average HR professional may take only about 6 seconds to scan a resume.  Here’s how you can stand-out when you’re networking on the hunt for your next job.

  1. Get very comfortable with your own personal technical toolkit.Know the engineering, science, accounting or IT skills you bring to the table and be able to share your most important skills in one sentence.
  2. You may have been a star in your last role, but limit the amount of time you mention the word “I” – especially if you are sharing your leadership experience.It’s all about how you motivated your team, fit with the group and supported the team as well as your personal achievements. As in “my team’s task was to deliver pipeline to the job-site and my role was to ensure we had sufficient time, dollars and personnel to make that happen!”
  3. What is your own personal story?Your personal story shares who you are – it’s sometimes more important than your technical side.HR Managers are people too, and they are curious to learn the softer, more interesting, side of you.Your interpersonal skills will shine through sharing your story in a couple of sentences.Maybe something like this: “Having grown up in northern New Brunswick, I have always valued good hard work in getting any job done.”
  4. Do a bit of research and learn the right vocabulary for the job you want.Especially if you are new to Canada, the industry terms you are familiar with to may not be the same.If you are an engineer with experience in “pipeline integrity”, then say that quite simply – it may even lead the interviewer to find out more.
  5.  Being flexible and adaptable gets you attention.Demonstrating both the entire range of your skills (technical and interpersonal) and your ability to fit in with any work environment or team, shows huge potential to HR professionals.They are looking for someone who can roll with our changing times and can fit into different environments.
  6.  One day, you might be riding an elevator with the employer you’ve been waiting to meet with.You have mere seconds to present yourself, so PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE your quick sales elevator speech.Know how to sell your technical and softer side in less than 20 seconds.Look for that great one-line message: “I am a proud [fill in your country, city or community] with 20 years of experience in insurance sales, and I am looking for a fulltime role with an outstanding insurance company in Calgary”.